EPUB ePublishing Training Course

Get to grips with EPUB

EPUB 2.0 has become the de facto standard for eBook publishing. The relative simplicity of the format and the use of well-known standards make it practical to start publishing to platforms such as Apple's iBookStore and the Amazon Kindle with a relatively low initial cost.

Our EPUB ePublishing training course examines the EPUB file format and helps you combine your knowledge of XML and web technologies such as CSS and XHTML to allow you to create and edit eBooks in the EPUB format.

In one day you will learn the practical skills needed to create and restyle EPUB files, including creating files from XML and from InDesign. You will learn the techniques needed to create fully compliant eBooks and the additional techniques used to enhance them with audio and video. We will also discuss the fixed layout extensions of iBooks (that allow children's s and other fixed format titles to be converted). Future trends and the development of EPUB v3 will be discussed.

If you are interested in custom / on-site EPUB training for any size of team, please get in touch - we would be glad to help build a course that meets your learning requirements.

We can take into account your existing technical skills, project requirements and timeframes, and specific topics of interest to tailor the most relevant and focussed course for you.

This can be particularly useful if you need to focus on certain topics and Best Practices in creating, editing and publishing EPUB Ebooks, or need to include extra topics to help with pre-requisite skills.

By the end of this course, you will have learnt:

  • EPUB standards
  • EPUB metadata formats
  • Creating standard EPUBs manually
  • Best Practices & Techniques
  • Audio and video enhancements
  • Creating Kindle files from EPUB
  • Apple fixed layout EPUBs
  • Creating EPUBs from InDesign
  • Creating EPUBs from XML
  • EPUB v3 Overview

Who should attend

This course is targeted at anyone who needs to understand the EPUB file format in detail and who needs to be able to create new and edit existing EPUB files.


Although the course contains a brief summary of XML, XHTML and CSS, exposure to and understanding of XML and/or XHTML and CSS is necessary - please let us know as we can arrange a quick "kickstart" session for you if required. Experience with command line tools on either a Mac or a PC would also be useful.


Please do get in touch if you might be considering an on-site run of our EPUB course.
You may have a group of 3 or more or a specific project goal you are aiming for.

We can also include a basic primer in XML/CSS if required.

EPUB E-Publishing Training Course Syllabus

Introduction to ePublishing

  • What is EPUB?
  • A Brief History of eBooks

The EPUB Standards

  • Open Container Format
  • Open Packaging Format
  • Open Publication Structure

Creating Standard EPUBs

  • Creating EPUBs from scratch
  • XHTML and CSS files
  • Images
  • Metadata
  • Packaging it all up
  • Validation
  • Good practice

Enhancing EPUBs

  • Adding Audio
  • Adding Video
  • Embedding fonts

Kindle Conversion

  • Special metadata requirements
  • What works and what doesn't?
  • Converting using kindlegen and preview

iBooks fixed layouts

  • Fixed layout requirements
  • Additional metadata files
  • XHTML differences
  • Handling images


  • EPUB 3 New features - what's coming in the new format

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