Get a taste for Go

Go Programming Language Training CourseSo why Go?

Go is Google's pet programming language (one of them, at least) and it is rather awesome. Awesome and powerful. And quick. Awesome, powerful and quick. Go is all of these things.

To enable a short taster of our 3-day hands-on Go Programming training course, we're running this free half-day mini-workshop, designed to give people with some existing programming experience a taster of some of the juiciest and most important parts of the Go programming language.

Go Workshop - Agenda

After the introductions we'll give an ultra-quick summary of some of the features of Go, followed by a couple of instructor-led sessions, each focusing on one of the key features of the Go language.

Because we're big fans of pair programming, we'll be coercing delegates into pairs for some hands-on exercises - so don't forget to bring your personal mobile computing devices.

This half-day course day runs from 09.30 to approximately 12.30

"Very, very useful course! It has explained OO programming in a way no other course has! I would highly recommend it. I feel I have learnt a huge amount that I will take forward into the future, thank you. "

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MH, Geospatial Software Engineer
UK GIS Specialist - name withheld

"I have no background in programming but learned a lot of very useful information in the course. The expertise and patience of the instructor was clear."

Python Training Course
TW, Data Scientist
Stat Core

"I really appreciated the deep technical knowledge of instructor, it enabled him to tailor the course to match what we are doing in our projects."

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WC, Developer
Winton Capital

"The content was useful and the course was delivered at a good level of difficulty."

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SH, Developer
Winton Capital

"We were given plenty of opportunity to write and discuss code during the course which meant we were learning the theory via hands-on practical work. This is definitely my favoured way of learning!"

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CC, Developer
Winton Capital

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