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Our Go Programming training course will give developers a solid working knowledge of the Go programming language, through useful and relevant hands-on exercises. Delegates will work in pairs where appropriate, and Best Practices will be observed throughout.

The Go language (frequently referred to as Golang) is another of Google's hatchlings which has taken flight and found its own way in the world as a popular Open Source project.

As well as Google itself, many notable organisations using Go behind the scenes include Canonical (of Ubuntu fame), BBC World News, SoundCloud, Nokia Siemens Networks, CloudFlare and Bit.ly.

Some of the key reasons developers say they love Go:

  • Simple syntax that is easy to learn, but very powerful
  • Very rapid development and deployment
  • Functions are First-Class Types in Go
  • Concurrency is supported at the Language level
  • Quickly build RESTful applications using the built in web server
  • Compiles Quickly

"Overall impression of the course: 5/5"

Go Programming Training Course
GC, Quality Assurance
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"Tutor is approachable and knows his stuff. Course was fast-paced and comprehensive."

Go Programming Training Course
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