Introduction to C Programming

Our Introduction to C Programming Training Course aims to give developers a solid foundation in the language, syntax, and Best Practises of developing robust C code for commercial use.

C has been, and continues to be, a very popular language, due to its combination of simplicity, portability, and ability to create compact, highly performant programs.

As a result, it its suitable for use in systems programming tasks, low-level device driver code, and embedded applications. It can also be used for in higher level applications, and in combination with many, many other languages which offer different trade-offs (e.g. C used with C++, or an interpreted language such as Python, or Ruby).

If you are interested in custom / on-site C training for any size of team, please get in touch - we would be glad to help build a course that meets your learning requirements.

We can take into account your existing technical skills, deployment platform, project requirements and timeframes, and specific topics of interest to tailor the most relevant and focussed course for you. In particular, we can, if you wish, consider delivery using your own hardware and software environment.

"We were given plenty of opportunity to write and discuss code during the course which meant we were learning the theory via hands-on practical work. This is definitely my favoured way of learning!"

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CC, Developer
Winton Capital

"Exceptional tutor - well prepared."

Python Training Course
Anonymous, Test Analyst

"The content was useful and the course was delivered at a good level of difficulty."

Python Training Course
SH, Developer
Winton Capital

"I really appreciated the deep technical knowledge of instructor, it enabled him to tailor the course to match what we are doing in our projects."

Python Training Course
WC, Developer
Winton Capital

"Very, very useful course! It has explained OO programming in a way no other course has! I would highly recommend it. I feel I have learnt a huge amount that I will take forward into the future, thank you. "

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MH, Geospatial Software Engineer
UK GIS Specialist - name withheld

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