Learn to code with Perl 5

Perl is a dynamic programming language that started life as a scripting language for processing reports on Unix systems.

Perl has since been greatly improved and expanded. The latest stable version is Perl 5, and is not to be confused with Perl 6, which forked from Perl 5 over 10 years ago and is developed by an entirely different group (although there is a certain degree of cross-pollenation between the two).

Popularly known for scripting CGI (Common Gateway Interface) server applications in the hay days of the Web, Perl 5 is still widely used for systems administration, network programming, graphics programming, finance, and scientific systems due to its adaptability and text-processing capabilities.

Our Perl 5 programming training course is aimed at introducing the language and syntax, best practices and real-world examples, through extensive hands-on exercises.

"The instructor went into great detail of the language (Python) and his amazing understanding of other languages made for great contrasting examples which made it easy to understand."

Python Training Course
Anonymous, Senior Test Analyst

"I have no background in programming but learned a lot of very useful information in the course. The expertise and patience of the instructor was clear."

Python Training Course
TW, Data Scientist
Stat Core

"The tutor was very good. He definitely knows his stuff!"

Python Training Course
Anonymous, Test Analyst

"We were given plenty of opportunity to write and discuss code during the course which meant we were learning the theory via hands-on practical work. This is definitely my favoured way of learning!"

Python Training Course
CC, Developer
Winton Capital

"Good overview of Python, and even some coverage of the more advanced subjects. Excellent 1 on 1 help!"

Python Training Course
LN, Software Engineer
UK GIS Specialist - name withheld

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