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CSS New Features Training Course

"Many thanks. I got a lot a value from the sessions. Having one-to-one personalised training was definitely much better for me than being part of a larger group."

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PG, Software Engineer
Millenium Capital Partners

CSS New Features Training Course

"Richard was a great instructor, thanks so much for your efforts! I'm so much more confident with Visual Studio and C# coding."

C# Training Course - Learn .NET
SO, Software Engineer
UTC Aerospace

CSS New Features Training Course

"Having a small class size meant plenty of opportunity to talk about my particular issues with .NET and C#. The instructor was able to explain everything extremely well. His efforts were much appreciated – I learned a huge amount during the course."

C# Training Course - Learn .NET
SP, Web Developer
Charity Commission

CSS New Features Training Course

"The instructor was very knowledgeable and his explanations were very clear. "

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BM, Senior Analyst
Carl Zeiss

CSS New Features Training Course

"I found the course incredibly interesting. There was a lot to fit in but I felt it went at a good pace."

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JS, Senior Analyst
Talk Talk plc

About the course:

Our CSS New Features course is a comprehensive deep dive into the latest features and advancements in Cascading Style Sheets. 

The content is highly relevant for both front-end and full-stack software engineers, as well as UX and testing professionals. 

You'll start the day with a quick refresher on established concepts like Flexbox and Grid then get hands-on with the latest CSS technologies.

This is a highly interactive workshop with useful and relevant practical examples. There is a mix of theoretical explanations and hands-on exercises to ensure comprehensive understanding of the concepts.

Face-to-face and live online instructor-led options are available, as a standalone session or as part of a wider training programme (for instance if you wish to cover related technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, and JS frameworks.

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Standard duration: 3 Days

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