Django Training Course - Python Web Development

Create and deploy web apps using your Python skills

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Django Training Course - Python Web Development

"Many thanks. I got a lot a value from the sessions. Having one-to-one personalised training was definitely much better for me than being part of a larger group."

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PG, Software Engineer
Millenium Capital Partners

Django Training Course - Python Web Development

"Having a small class size meant plenty of opportunity to talk about my particular issues with .NET and C#. The instructor was able to explain everything extremely well. His efforts were much appreciated – I learned a huge amount during the course."

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SP, Web Developer
Charity Commission

Django Training Course - Python Web Development

"Richard was a great instructor, thanks so much for your efforts! I'm so much more confident with Visual Studio and C# coding."

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SO, Software Engineer
UTC Aerospace

Django Training Course - Python Web Development

"The instructor was very knowledgeable and his explanations were very clear. "

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BM, Senior Analyst
Carl Zeiss

Django Training Course - Python Web Development

"The instructor's command of the subject was very high. Some subjects (like Testing and Mocking) was completely new to me but I now believe I have acquired a good command of the subject and intend to apply it in practice soon."

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YS, Senior Analyst

About the course:

Django is one of the most popular Python-based front-end / web app frameworks. It forms the backbone of some major web sites and is known for its relative ease of use and the speed at which you can develop and deploy Python web applications and containers.

This hands-on workshop will help you to apply your existing Python skills to build robust and performant web applications with the Django framework. Django is fast, well-secured, and scalable - and backed by organisations including JetBrain and Instagram.

This Django course is available for customised on-site delivery as a standalone workshop or part of a wider training programme.

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