Django Training Course - Python Web App Development

Learn to use Django with Python

Django Training Course - Django LogoDjango is one of the most popular Python-based Web Application frameworks. It forms the backbone of some major web sites and is known for its relative ease of use and the speed at which you can develop and deploy Python web applications and containers.

Our Python Web App Development with Django Training Course will give existing Python developers great hands-on experience building robust, commercial web applications with the Django framework.

By the end of this course, you will have learnt:

  • Understand Django Architecture and its take on MVC (Models, Views & Templates)
  • Build and deploy robust Django web apps
  • Integrate with RESTful web services
  • Unit Testing and Debugging Django apps

Who should attend

Python developers who want to benefit from the functionality of the Django web app framework in order to rapidly build, test and deploy commercial-quality web apps.


Delegates should have attended our Python Programming course or have equivalent Python coding experience.


Please get in touch if you would like to discuss requirements for on-site Django training – for instance if your developers need to get up to speed with Python first, need a refresher of Python Best Practice, or perhaps wish to explore developing Django apps using a Python spin-off such as Cython or Jython

Python Web App Development with Django Training Course Syllabus

Introduction to Django

  • What is Django?
  • Django and Python
  • Django’s take on MVC: Model, View and Template
  • DRY programming: Don’t Repeat Yourself
  • How to get and install Django

Getting started with Django

  • About the 3 Core Files:
  • Setting up database connections
  • Managing Users & the Django admin tool
  • Installing and using ‘out of the box’ Django features

Django URL Patterns and Views

  • Designing a good URL scheme
  • Generic Views

Django Forms

  • Form classes 
  • Validation
  • Authentication
  • Advanced Forms processing techniques

Django & REST APIs

  • Django REST framework
  • Django-piston

Unit Testing with Django

  • Overview / Refresher on Unit Testing and why it’s good
  • Using Python’s unittest2 library
  • Test 
  • Test Databases
  • Doctests
  • Debugging Best Practices

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