Big Data Tools for Retail & Marketing Training

Maximise your retail, advertising and marketing data

Extremely large data sets are becoming prevalent in today’s advertising and retail businesses and these two markets often see some of the fastest growth of data.

Since data holds an ever more important economic role we will show you how to overcome the challenges of the Big Data revolution, with tools & techniques including Apache Hadoop, Business Intelligence, NoSQL Databases and Cloud Computing.

There are many risks associated with Big Data projects and should not be underestimated - but the revolution has started and cannot be stopped. The best way to avoid pitfalls and to plan for success is to learn from real-life examples, and talk about your concerns and issues with people who have already overcome these challenges.

Come along and learn how to gain the most value from your retail / customer / marketing / advertising data.

The seminar is delivered by an industry expert with extensive experience of implementing cutting-edge Big Data solutions, processes and platforms in large-scale, high impact projects.

About your instructor - Radek Maciaszek

Radek is a card-carrying Big Data Expert. He has applied his considerable talents to Big Data projects ranging across Scientific Research (Genetics & Aging), Advertising (processing, pattern matching and machine learning) and Banking Finance (Real-time Hedge Fund analysis).

He is passionate and inspiring, and has an exceptionally strong track-record - so bring along your questions and concerns to the training session and have them addressed by someone who has most likely been there, done that, and analysed the results in real-time across a cluster of tens of thousands of nodes!

By the end of this course, you will have learnt about:

  • Turning your massive data sets into valuable business insights with Apache Hadoop
  • Reducing your IT costs with Cloud solutions
  • Identifying trends in your customer base you weren’t even looking for with Clustering & Machine Learning
  • Increasing sales using Recommendation Engines
  • Combining all your sources into one Data Warehouse for more powerful querying
  • Visualising like never before using Business Intelligence reporting tools designed for Big Data
  • When Oracle, DB2, SAP or SQL Server isn’t quite enough: how and when to use NoSQL databases
  • Avoiding common pitfalls when starting out in Big Data (Patterns and Anti-Patterns)

Who should attend

Our Big Data Tools for Retail, Advertising & Marketing workshop is aimed anyone interested in the Business benefits of appying Big Data techniques to Advertising, Marketing and Retail data; Business Analysts, Project Managers, Data Scientists, Business Intelligence Analysts, Software Developers, Software Architects who are looking to analyse trends and gain more insight into live data streams


Delegates will ideally have an understanding of Business Intelligence and understand their organisation's current methods of data collection and reporting.


Please let us know if you would like us to come and deliver this session for your Sales, Marketing and other vested stakeholders in your Retail organisation.

We can take into account your customer base, retail sector, audience / customer base and other key factors and information sources that you want to be able to tap in to using Big Data tools.

Call us on 020 3137 3920 to find out how we can help

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