Data Visualisation with R Training Course

Learn to visualise data with R!

Our Data Visualisation course with R will allow you to exploit the graphical capabilities of R and find different ways to explore your data sets.
You will learn how to produce a range of different graphs that will allow you to present data in the most appropriate manner. You’ll learn about basic graph types such as bar charts, scatter and box-whisker plots, as well as more “exploratory” types such as scatter plot matrices and conditioning plots. You will also learn how to alter basic graphical parameters, and thus customise your graphics to best effect.

By the end of this course, you will have learnt:

  • Graphics basics
  • Exploratory graphs
  • Adding and appending to graphs
  • Customising graphical parameters
  • Saving and exporting graphics

Who should attend

Presentation of data and results is fundamentally important in making your analyses accessible to others. This course is for everyone who works with data and therefore needs to present data and results graphically.


Some prior experience of using R would be useful, as you will focus on the graphical capabilities of R. You’ll need a laptop with R installed.

On site

We are very happy to put together a tailored on-site R Training workshop based on your specific requirements, and can customise the content to take into account your existing programming experience level and types of statistical analysis project to which you will be applying R.

Course syllabus

Graphics basics

This session covers the basics and shows you how to produce a range of standard chart types as well as various customisations.

  • Scatter plots
  • Bar charts
  • Box-whisker plots
  • Pie charts
  • R commands - boxplot, barplot, plot, pie, col, lty, cex, pch, bg

Exploratory graphs

This session covers some more specialist graph types, which are especially useful in data analysis.

  • Scatter plot matrices
  • Conditioning plots
  • Lattice graphs
  • R commands pairs - coplot, lattice, interaction.plot

Adding to graphs

This covers topics such as adding titles and marginal text, adding lines (e.g. best-fit, error bars) and additional data series, and legends.

  • Titles
  • Legends
  • Extra points or lines
  • Mathematical symbols
  • R commands title - legend, text, points, expression, mtext, arrows, segments, lines, abline

Customising graphical parameters

This session covers aspects of the underlying graphical system and how to tweak it to maximum effect. Topics include, working with colour and altering plot margins.

  • Altering margins
  • Working with colour
  • Changing graphical parameters
  • R commands - par, palette

Saving graphics

How to save graphics files to disk in various formats. You’ll learn how to use the device driver to send graphics commands directly to disk.

  • Exporting graphics
  • R commands - dev.copy,, pdf, png

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