Julia Training Course - Data Science / Analysis

Learn to extract and display information from your data

Julia Training Course - Data Science / Analysis

Our Julia training course course will give you a great introduction to creating statistical analysis solutions using Julia (JuliaLang), from the basics of programming and syntax, organising your code, through to hypothesis testing and simple visualisation / plotting.

Julia is a high-level dynamic programming language that was created specifically for high-performance data analysis - it's also a general purpose language and can be put to use client/server apps, real time systems, and several uses such as Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Geospatial data processing...You name it!

Julia includes a type system with parametric polymorphism and also aims to tackle concurrency and parallel computing problems. You can call other libraries written in a variety of languages without needing additional modules (although there are plenty of those available in the wild).

"Mixture of lecture and tutorial content. "Learn by doing""

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