Learn to use MATLAB

MATLAB (matrix laboratory) is a very powerful fourth-generation programming language, used in many areas of scientific, technological, mathematical, and financial research and code development.

MATLAB combines the ability to perform complex manipulations of mathematical matrices, plotting data and functions, handling algorithms, UI development, and interfacing with programs written in languages such as C, C++ and Java.

Our MATLAB training course aims to give developers solid theoretical understanding, and hands-on experience with the MATLAB language, delivered by an expert mathematical software development specialist.

Please note delegates on public courses need to bring their own licensed MATLAB software pre-installed on a laptop. If you're happy to get stuck in to command-line programming, you may wish to opt to use GNU Octave as a free alternative, as the code is largely compatible / portable.

" The Jupyter notebooks were really handy, and I liked the group work using the breakout room feature of Zoom. Although the participants were from different backgrounds, Marco handled this very well by constantly checking if anyone has questions, adding explanations and making sure that the pace is right for the group. "

Data Science with Python Training Course
FSK, Data Analyst [Remote online course]

" Course was very relevant, and all the basic topics were covered. Good pace. "

Data Science with Python Training Course
MFA, Data Analyst [Remote online course]

" It was very good. In particular the separated chat rooms used for some of the exercises worked very well. "

Data Science with Python Training Course
JHO, Data Analyst [Remote online course]

"Mixture of lecture and tutorial content. "Learn by doing""

Data Science with Python Training Course
JD, Data Scientist
Winton Capital

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