Prometheus and Grafana Training Course

Observability and Monitoring are key to the health of your distributed systems and clusters

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Prometheus and Grafana Training Course

"Excellent discussions [...] It was a pleasure to have a knowledgeable and friendly expert as instructor. The course exceeded my expectation and gave me lots to think about."

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VV, Principal Software Engineer
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Prometheus and Grafana Training Course

"I liked the large number of hands-on exercises - I've picked up good practical knowledge of Docker."

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MKJ, DevOps Consultant

Prometheus and Grafana Training Course

"Was exactly what I expected and I felt like the learning path was well done as it touched all the necessary topics"

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FB, Software Engineer
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Prometheus and Grafana Training Course

"It gave a really good foundation on the principles of Docker and k8s. I think being able to do some hands on work while it was being explained was very useful and is helpful to make what has been learned, stick"

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SS, Software Engineer
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Prometheus and Grafana Training Course

"Excellent, really a deep dive into the world of Docker and K8s"

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NJ, Platform Service Manager
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About the course:

Our instructor-led Prometheus and Grafana training course will allow you to explore and learn to create observaibility solutions to monitor and visualise the performance and health status of your distributed systems, apps and containerised clusters.

Practical hands-on exercises will give you the skills to put in place effective metrics, dashboards and alerts so you can ensure the performance and robustness of the platforms you support such as Docker, Kubernetes and more.

This course is available as part of a wider training program or as a customisable standalone workshop - talk to us about how we can tailor your training to fit in with your existing skills, your current tech stack, and your learning goals.

Through custom training we can show you how to install, configure and deploy Prometheus and / or Grafana to measure the performance and health of platforms including Kubernetes, Docker, Puppet, Spring Boot, Node ...the list is huge.

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Standard duration: 2 Days

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