Microservices with Docker Training Course

Learn to create and manage a flexible development architecture using Agile deployment methods

Our Microservices Training Course will guide you through the steps needed to create flexible and scalable services for your enterprise applications using Docker.

You'll learn how to design, build and implement streamlined services, in the form of lightweight containers which will allow you to modularise an otherwise monolithic architecture and take a more Agile approach to your enterprise / deployment architecture.

The course is suitable for all comers, with example code available to demonstrate microservices built on Java, Node.js, GoLang, and .NET Core. We'll cover software installation during the course so you just need to bring yourself and your laptop and an absorbent mind.

Would your whole team need to gain experience of designing and managing your microservices architecture? We would love to discuss your requirements. Whether you are deploying in the cloud and / or on-premises, we can can take into account your tech stack, use cases and business domain in order to deliver a cost-effective and highly relevant tailored course. Get in touch to find out more.

"Excellent discussions [...] It was a please to have a knowledgeable and friendly expert as instructor. The course exceeded my expectation and gave me lots to think about."

Microservices with Docker Training Course
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