Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Training Courses

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The Bitcoin cryptocurrency phenomenon has given rise to the concept of Blockchain, as the open sourceBitcoin platform has been taken and extended by contributing developers - mainly from (but not limited to) the Finance Sector.

Major financial institutions & banks, software vendors, and Government offices involved in stock exchanges are investing heavily in Blockchain technology. Santander for instance has predicted a reduction of infrastructure costs by nearly £13 Billion per year.

A World Economic Forum survey in 2015 revealed that there is firm belief that a tipping point is approaching for blockchain in government by 2023.The UK Government has said that it is investing £10M into blockchain research.

Framework Training presents the following Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin training courses, delivered by industry experts from technical and financial backgrounds, to give you everything from a high-level overview of the benefits of Blockchain within your enterprise, to more in-depth explorations of the technologies involved in getting your own implementation up and running.

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Training Courses

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