Secure .NET Development with OWASP Training Course

Learn to secure your apps and mitigate business risk

Our Secure .NET Development course is designed for those working within Microsoft's software development ecosystem and aims to give delegates valuable tools and techniques to mitigate risk in business application development.

Development teams are often under so much pressure to deliver that security is sacrificed to the devil of delivery. Most of those in the development team will never have seen many of the threats the organisation faces in having public interfaces. Most teams won’t even realise that the biggest threat they face is internal.

In this training we deliver not only the technical knowledge required to protect data and operations from attackers, both internal and external, but a defensive mindset which ensures that security is implemented all the time. It also teaches how to implement security quickly, efficiently, at the right time, and most importantly, effectively too!

This training uses hands-on technical examples, security tools and teamwork to thoroughly analyse and understand the modern security environment.

"We particularly enjoyed Stuart's anecdotes and stories which gave context to the topics discussed."

PCI DSS Training Course - PCI DSS 3.2.1 Compliancy
RT, Developer

"I felt I learned a lot in short period. Real-world experience from the instructor was a major plus. Many thanks!"

PCI DSS Training Course - PCI DSS 3.2.1 Compliancy
DV, Developer

"Trainer was great. Good examples to situations provided."

Web App Security and OWASP Training Course
NM, Testing Lead
UK GIS specialist - name withheld

"Stuart gave a great presentation and the training was highly thought-provoking. "

Web App Security and OWASP Training Course
RJ, Business Analyst

"Some really useful things to think on - real life examples really helped put the content in context."

Web App Security and OWASP Training Course
KC, Lead Software Developer
UK consultancy (risk, pensions, investment and insurance) - name withheld

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