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Attract the brightest and best with a tailored training programme. 
Tell us about your learning goals, corporate culture and business requirements to tailor the perfect grad training programme for software developers, data analysts and other technical staff

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We’ve developed a robust, flexible framework to ensure your graduate training programme provides maximum value.

1. Analyse

We'll scope your requirements, help you identify and understand your delegates' individual needs and skill gaps, and build a flexible syllabus to suit.

2. Design

One size *doesn't* fit all, and your business needs are central to our syllabus design process. We can prepare fresh course content as required.

3. Deliver

One (or more) of our expert instructors will take your new starters through the carefully selected course material at a pace and depth that matches the needs of your delegates.

4. Reflect

Your delegates' feedback is as vital to us as it is to you, to ensure we're delivering the best service possible. We'll give you a comprehensive, granular report with useful metrics.

5. Support

To ensure you gain the maximum value from your investment, we can continue to support the knowledge transfer process with short follow-up workshops to cement your team's learning in the real-world.

Attract & retain graduates by putting them on the right path to a successful career

Framework Training has a strong track record of providing a solid introduction into the working world for technical graduates, and the opportunity to learn and gain valuable hands-on experience in a supportive, friendly and sociable training environment.

We know how vital it is for our clients to invest in their talented grads; not only to provide them with the high-quality, professional training essential for their roles, but to embed them within the organisation’s culture and guide them on the right path to a successful career.

We take our graduate training programmes seriously; after all, your new hires could well be the next leaders and their creative ideas and unique insights are valuable to your business.

A warm welcome and more than ‘tech’

Taking the time to get graduates up to speed, rather than throwing them in at the deep end and expecting them to sink or swim, can be hugely impactful. A meaningful experience can enhance their employability and sends a strong message to a new graduate that they’re valued.

Our training has a ‘softer’ side, it’s less transactional and focuses on getting the best out of the delegates; helping them to work cohesively. It’s fun and social and offers the chance for delegates to meet the people they’ll be working with for the next few years and building a culture of togetherness as a team.

Clever planning and expert Instructors

Planning is key and we work closely with you to get to know your company, culture and your delegates' individual needs; designing a programme that aligns seamlessly with the brief.

It starts with a meeting with our expert instructor and client to discuss content and what to include. We then whittle this down to key requests to keep the content and practical tasks relevant.

We ensure a common thread runs through the programme so graduates learn about building small blocks that will fit together and create an overall architecture.

Our team of expert instructors blend both commercial and academic experience and make the sessions light-hearted and fun. They have substantial experience teaching groups, and are highly skilled at maintaining contact with each graduate; providing extra support and encouragement and understanding their individual needs.

This is particularly useful for graduate training schemes, where the focus is on creating a community and fostering effective group work as well as developing technical skills.

Our Methods

Graduate training schemes are delivered face to face or online or a mixture of both. They are normally delivered over a period of two to four weeks, and involve between five and ten delegates with computer science or other STEM backgrounds. Java used to be the most frequent language choice for our Graduate Training Schemes but this has now been superseded by Python.

Our instructors apply a Socratic learning approach, and can look over delegates’ shoulders (virtually or in the training room) to observe them developing and offer coaching and encouragement.

Graduates participate in a ‘show and tell’ session with the opportunity to demonstrate what they've learned from their project work and take questions from a technical audience.

Maximising budgets and efficiency and delivering commercial advantage

We’ve developed a robust, flexible framework to ensure we provide maximum value. We have open conversations with our clients and work together to maximise their available budget. This could be including half-day sessions and guided practical sessions that may not require full instructor delivery.

We believe it’s what happens after the training that's key; this is when the graduates integrate into the business, apply what they’ve learnt and can generate the most value.

Our graduate training schemes offer plenty of opportunities for practical work, allowing delegates the chance to tackle an issue or task themselves, with support and coaching from their instructor.

In our training sessions, we mirror the modern development practices that graduates will be using at work in the real world, teaching them CI/CD among others and putting all the practical examples into a GitHub repository; ensuring that how it looks in the training room is how it looks when they are sitting at their desk.

One of our core goals is to do everything we can to ease the transition from training to work.

Meaningful feedback

Feedback is gathered formally and promptly at the end of each programme and we obtain this as early as we can. We also obtain feedback from our instructors on an informal basis (which stays internally), asking them to conduct a qualitative assessment of each delegate’s progress.

We have found this to be invaluable as it provides an opportunity to flag any concerns that could be easily addressed or identify if any additional support is required for certain delegates to avoid them becoming disengaged.

Instructors are vital to the entire process and their post-course retrospective is greatly valued.

Case Study: Software Engineering Academy

Informed Solutions - we've been delivering their annual graduate training schemes since 2018.

They approached Framework Training to shape and deliver a two-week Software Engineering ‘Bootcamp’ that would give technical and non-technical Graduates alike an accelerated introduction to software development best practice. The goals of the training were to:

  • Provide all trainees with a fundamental skills in object oriented software development using Java as the basis for their practical learning.
  • Equip trainees who aspire to follow a technical career path with the core concepts, skills and working practices needed to deliver high quality software.
  • Give trainees who aspire to follow a non-technical career path the understanding and confidence needed to collaborate with technical colleagues and deliver technical projects that are on time, of a high quality and meet user needs.

Read the full case study

Case Study: Ovo Energy

With a rich and varied tech stack to maintain, plus rapid growth and diversification on the agenda, the tech-and-talent challenge for OVO has many parts to it. How can it drive business growth without compromising on all it delivers already or has in development? How can it draw in, inspire and foster new talent while inspiring its current team to deliver its services, systems and processes as they scale up?

“All the detailed discussion with Framework about OVO’s technical and logistical requirements meant the training programme quickly took shape. To participants it’s now known as the OVO Bootcamp.”

    Read the full case study

    Graduate Schemes

    "A lot was covered and [the instructor] also showed us some of his repo to understand how he is structuring his work and justify why."

    Go Programming Training Course
    AY, Software Engineer

    Graduate Schemes

    "Good pace, covered the principles well with good examples"

    Rust Training Course
    Anonymous, Software Engineer

    Graduate Schemes

    "Good overview of Python, and even some coverage of the more advanced subjects. Excellent 1 on 1 help!"

    Python Training Course
    LN, Software Engineer
    UK GIS Specialist - name withheld

    Graduate Schemes

    "The course was interesting and very useful. A great instructor."

    Angular Training Course
    LB, Senior Developer

    Graduate Schemes

    "Definitely relevant to the areas I am interested in and involved in at work."

    ASP.NET Core MVC Training Course
    MM, Application Developer
    Lancashire County Council

    Graduate Schemes

    "Liked the way we covered basics and moved onto more complex topics, with worked examples. Covered all the topics we needed to. John delivers the course very well and we all could follow easily."

    React Training Course
    CJ, Principal Consultant

    Graduate Schemes

    "Great interactive training course. Fantastic to hear other experiences and formalise the Scrum framework and Product Owner role."

    Professional Scrum Product Owner™ (PSPO) Training Course
    RB, Product Owner

    Graduate Schemes

    "Concepts were explained well and foundations laid and built on as it went on. The remote training environment worked well. Arguably better than a classroom environment."

    Advanced Angular Training Course
    MH, IT Director [Remote online course]
    V12 Retail Finance

    Graduate Schemes

    "We could possibly have used an extra day on this in-house course - but that was a limitation imposed from our side! The instructor has an amazing knowledge of languages."

    Scala 3 Training Course
    BW, Software Engineering Manager
    OVO Energy

    Graduate Schemes

    "The course content was very good. John had delivered it in a way which was easy to understand, especially for me someone who has never worked on Angular before. I like the way he explained difficult concepts by showing the working examples and exercises. The best thing about the course was the focus on learning theory via hands-on practical examples."

    Angular Training Course
    SS, Developer
    Aon Hewitt

    Example Training Programmes

    Data Scientist

    Data Scientist

    A strong Data Science capability can help you discover and understand trends, build new product features, and mitigate risks.

    We'll give your team the skills to employ the foremost Open Source, Cloud and Proprietary data platforms and algorithms.

    Data Scientist Training Programme
    Full Stack Developer

    Full Stack Developer

    Let us help you build a resilient and flexible team of multi-disciplined software developers, with the practical skills to meet your business needs.

    Employ the latest web technologies to produce high-performance, feature-rich, attractive web apps your customers will love to use.

    Full Stack Developer Training Programme
    Agile Kick-start

    Agile Kick-start

    The Agile Kick-start programme allows you to choose the ideal blend of to skills support your transition to Agile working practices.

    Your team, even your whole organisation, can learn trusted techniques to improve business value and communication.

    Agile Kick-start Training Programme
    Security Professional

    Security Professional

    Whether you process credit cards, store personal or business-critical data, there are steps you should be taking to harden your sytems.

    We can help change the way your business understands the critical need for Security by Design through discussion, practical exploration.

    Security Professional Training Programme

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