Industry-specific Training Programmes

Industry specific training for your business

We understand that generic training doesn't always isn't always sufficient to meet your team's educational needs.

Through customised training programmes, practical examples and exercise can reflect not only your technical requirements, but attain an extra level of relevance by focussing on how technologies and methodologies can be best implemented within your industry sector.

For instance, we can simulate your current (or intended) architecture; work with your own sample data, APIs and endpoints; and discuss the business value of the given topic as it relates to your own projects.

Example Training Programmes

We can build a training programme with a focus on the disciplines and tools most suited to your business environment - for example:

Banking / Finance

Your Banking / Finance training programme could examine use cases such as using real-time analytics to detect fraud, building user interfaces for reporting solutions, securing applications and maintaining PCI DSS compliance.

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The face of Insurance is changing thanks to technologies such as Machine Learning, AI, and predictive modelling. Find out how we can tailor a training programme to help your product development teams to create innovative new Insurance solutions.

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Health Sciences

Bioinformatics and Pharmaceutical research is relying more heavily than ever on Data Science techniques. We can help you build a robust tech-driven approach using the latest open source platforms, to give your analysts the best tools and techniques to help bring your health solutions to market sooner.

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