Digital Transformation

The era of perpetual change

Enhanced collaborative efforts reap benefits

    In times of change - especially in this fast moving economy - effective collaboration is essential to cope with the demands that any digital transformation brings. The right balance between Human-2-Human and Technology - all part of L&D - play a vital role for this to work.

    4 steps to improve your digital journey

  • Solve communication/collaboration obstacles before you embark
  • Be more transparent with changes of processes to gain better buy-in
  • Allow for staff to upskill where needed
  • Communicate each step and celebrate the small wins

Digital Transformation

The Human Side Of Digital Transformation

    We are approaching the 24th anniversary of Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer dad-dancing their way through the Windows 95 launch to Start Me Up by The Rolling Stones.

    How we communicate, work, share information, and collaborate has dramatically changed since then... pencil, paper, typewriters, and desk calculators quickly got replaced by PCs, Microsoft Office and more recently by mobile devices.

    Technology rendered many jobs from the nineties obsolete, but it also paved the way for new disciplines such as web development, data science, cyber security, search engine optimisation and social media.

    Here in 2019, we are once again preparing for a technological shift that will change the employment landscape in a similar way.

    The next digital transformation is looming, in the shape of Artificial Intelligence, Machine / Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing.

    But what does all this really mean? And how will it affect your most valuable asset, your employees?

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Digital Transformation

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