Demystifying Tech: Cyber Security

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This session will give you an overview of why Secure Software Development and good Cyber Awareness is essential for everyone in your business from the CEO through the IT and development teams through to reception. 

Every business stands or falls on its security implementation, if it fails. To help understand how these essential skills relate to actual business activities we will give insights around skills requirements for new hires / talent acquisition and existing staff.

Demystifying Tech: Cyber Security

"The instructor was very helpful and easy to follow along with. I appreciated actually getting to follow along with coding rather than a PowerPoint. The content was good, I learnt some new things. Some topics were quite basic but it was useful to learn the best / common practices even in those areas."

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Demystifying Tech: Cyber Security

"Lots of practical exercises made learning much easier and less boring. "

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Demystifying Tech: Cyber Security

"Was exactly what I expected and I felt like the learning path was well done as it touched all the necessary topics"

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Demystifying Tech: Cyber Security

"Good overview of Python, and even some coverage of the more advanced subjects. Excellent 1 on 1 help!"

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Demystifying Tech: Cyber Security

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Demystifying Tech: Cyber Security

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Demystifying Tech: Cyber Security

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Demystifying Tech: Cyber Security

"The instructor's command of the subject was very high. Some subjects (like Testing and Mocking) was completely new to me but I now believe I have acquired a good command of the subject and intend to apply it in practice soon."

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Demystifying Tech: Cyber Security

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Demystifying Tech: Cyber Security

"The examples and labs were easy to follow. Many thanks!"

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