Demystifying Tech: Cyber Security

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This session will give you an overview of why Secure Software Development and good Cyber Awareness is essential for everyone in your business from the CEO through the IT and development teams through to reception. 

Every business stands or falls on its security implementation, if it fails. To help understand how these essential skills relate to actual business activities we will give insights around skills requirements for new hires / talent acquisition and existing staff.

Demystifying Tech: Cyber Security

"Excellent discussions [...] It was a pleasure to have a knowledgeable and friendly expert as instructor. The course exceeded my expectation and gave me lots to think about."

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Demystifying Tech: Cyber Security

"Liked the way we covered basics and moved onto more complex topics, with worked examples. Covered all the topics we needed to. John delivers the course very well and we all could follow easily."

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Demystifying Tech: Cyber Security

"I liked the large number of hands-on exercises - I've picked up good practical knowledge of Docker."

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Demystifying Tech: Cyber Security

"A slightly unusual delivery format based on coding as a group (based on my request) but he did a good job working around our unique style."

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Demystifying Tech: Cyber Security

"The course was delivered by a very enthusiastic and knowledgeable instructor who was able to draw on his real-world experience during the training."

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Demystifying Tech: Cyber Security

"The content was useful and the course was delivered at a good level of difficulty."

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Demystifying Tech: Cyber Security

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Demystifying Tech: Cyber Security

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Demystifying Tech: Cyber Security

"Everything was perfect!"

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Demystifying Tech: Cyber Security

"The course had a good pace and the trainer was able to keep the content interesting."

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