Talent Acquisition

Attracting the best fit

The HR migraine

Acquisition, Retention, Attrition, Digital Transformation, Brexit, Employee Engagement - all major headaches for UK’s businesses in 2019, as the pressure intensified a notch since the election and new, lingering economic uncertainty has landed at our doorstep.

A recent survey of over 2,000 UK employers highlighted the Talent Acquisition debacle:

  • 53% of surveyed stated that the biggest business concern at present is getting the right people with the right skills. (Acas, Dec. 2018)

While a recent Deloitte report (Voice of the workforce in Europe) states:

  • 61% of 15,000 people analysed, voiced a main concern over technological change and the need for advanced IT skills to remain employable.

Talent Acquisition

Highlight your tech-training offer for better talent acquisition

How can you improve your attractiveness as an enterprise to get the right people for the right jobs?

4 steps to consider:

  • Assess and improve your tech-training offering where possible
  • Be honest in regards to your technology and platforms (do not over-promise)
  • Assertiveness goes a long way: state who exactly you envision for the job
  • Hire people with the right persona and aspirations, then train them up
Talent Acquisition

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