The Digital Transformation

We are here to help you benefit from the fast pace of change with the new modes of hybrid working and learning practices

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The digital transformation of L&D is exciting - and we're thrilled to be a part of it.

Businesses who may not have had an adequate learning infrastructure in place before now realise that technology is no longer an option, but a necessity.

With an unpredictable future ahead, and an ever-increasing shift to a digital world, now is the time to invest in technical training for your teams.
That said, and in times of change, retaining the human side of learning is essential to cope with the demands that any digital transformation can bring.

At Framework Training, we advocate a more personal experience for our delegates. Our training courses are innovative and technically relevant, but we also consider the wider organisational context and the individual needs and motivations of the learner.

L&D aligns seamlessly with other vital parts of your company’s unique makeup — from diversity and inclusion to self-directed career progression - and face-to-face training on even the most technically complex areas can create meaningful practices that have a lasting impact and reap benefits for your business in the long term.

How to improve your digital journey.

Here are some suggestions to improve and maximise your digital journey - one of our expert team would be happy to chat this through with you in more detail.

•   Address any obstacles or challenges before you embark on a digital transformation. Change can cause anxiety and it’s essential that you prepare, equip and support your staff with any organisational change.
•   Be more transparent with any specific changes in processes, such as automation, to gain better buy-in from your staff
•   Allow your teams to upskill and receive extra training support where needed
•   Communicate each step of the process and celebrate the small wins along the way

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