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Our MD, Ian Watson, on remote learning providing an opportunity for a better learning experience.

'I think we all know that effective learning needs time and space. Time to understand new concepts, time to practice success and space to make.

It seems slightly paradoxical that the bootcamp concept, high intensity and highly focused training removed from the real world of work or home, has remained so popular for so long.

The changes forced on us all by Covid19 are forcing us to explore new ways of working and new ways of learning, and some of this change is definitely for the best!.

Whilst we strongly believe that instructor-led training delivered by a domain expert either in person or remotely to small groups is a truly effective way of learning new skills and technologies, we have been encouraging our clients for some time to consider alternatives to the four or five-day, 9 to 5 training course model.

Most of the reasons for this typical on-site course structure are not driven by educational Best Practice. The drivers are business issues such as ease of planning, efficient use of instructor time and minimising expenses, training room availability etc.

Over the last few years clients who have approached us to discuss graduate intake or similar longer-form training programmes have been encouraged to consider multiple short courses (one or two days) with time between for delegate self-study and practice.

In fact way back in 2016 we successfully delivered a Data Science induction programme to JDX Consulting (London-based Fintech) that combined shorter, spread-out training sessions (some remotely delivered) and peer-supported home study to great effect. 

When this type of approach has been taken, without fail the initial feedback and long-term results demonstrate this is a more effective model.

Over the last three months we have been able to take this one step further. Many of the business-led reasons for the traditional approach have temporarily disappeared. We have seized this opportunity to establish a new normal where the focus is on the best learning experience, and we think it is working!

Over the last two months many of our courses have been broken down further into multiple half-day sessions, in some cases spread over two or three weeks.

- Remote delivery means our experts are able to assist multiple clients without having to travel across the UK for each session.

- Shorter sessions with time in between reduces mental fatigue and encourages proper knowledge assimilation

- Adding time between sessions reduces the disruption on the day-to-day activities of the organisation

- Flexibility and lower intensity makes it easier for home-workers to manage their other tasks and distractions

- Attendees learn more effectively and retain this knowledge more easily.

We've got some fabulous courses lined up and are always happy to discuss your training requirements, so please feel free to give us a call or alternatively register your interest in one of our courses.'

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