Mixing it up with Hybrid Training

The return to face-to-face training is well underway, but unsurprisingly, remote training is still massively popular. Can we have the best of both worlds? We think you can...

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Mixing it up with Hybrid Training

Let's talk about what "Hybrid" means

We've talked to lots of people - both on the technical side and in Learning & Development, and it is clear from our many conversations that there might not even be a consensus on what Hybrid actually means in the context of their own organisation....

ACAS suggest "Hybrid Working" is when an employee splits their time between remote working from home, and coming in to the workplace. But other organisations take it to mean that some of the team are in the office full-time, and others work remotely. And thirdly, it can be all of the above. Not rocket surgery certainly, and it's not a big problem as long as everyone is clear on their own definition and the work still gets done (with studies showing that working remotely is conducive for very many people).

But the training companies need to be clear on what they mean.

So where does Framework Training stand?

That's a bit moot! We just care what you think it means and will always try to accommodate your needs to the best of our abilities. 

We will always give you the benefit of our experience to make your training engagement as effective as possible - building a successful training programme or workshop that reflects your learners' real-world up-skilling needs.

Thanks to working with some really progressive companies over the years, we've been able to offer mixed remote and in-person attendance of our instructor-led training courses since well before the pandemic, benefitting from the best software and hardware tools available at the time.

A recent instructor-led course for a bleeding-edge tech manufacturer (who had a very well-equipped Zoom video conferencing setup) meant that people were able to move between attending from home, in the classroom, and even upstairs at their desks - with very little impact on the training experience - 

"I spent the first two days remote and the second two in the room. Remote seemed fine to me. In fact probably better in some ways as I could use two large monitors instead of just my laptop screen."
SC, Lead Engineer, specialist chip manufacturer

The current crop of now-mainstream platforms have made attending live training easier and more accessible than ever. Which segues nicely into...

Our top 5 recommended software tools for real-time collaboration

We're sure you have your own favourites (and we would love to hear about them) but these are the current platforms which have seen the most use in the last couple of years here at Framework Training:

Hardware for Hybrid Training Success

Video conferencing systems have come a long way and we've found that what works for hybrid meetings, tends to work really well for training too. But you don't necessarily need dedicated conferencing hardware - sometimes a webcam, headset and large flat-screen are enough to open up your classroom training to remote workers.  

  • Poly - Group 700 - great for larger audiences - and scalable too.
  • Cisco Webex Room 55 – not the cheapest but packed with enterprise features
  • Logitech MeetUp – with beam-forming mics, wide-angle view, and compatibility with all mainstream apps
  • Logitech C922 Pro – Yes, it's a webcam, but it's a really good one
  • AVer VB342+ - another soundbar - style unit, ideal for small meeting rooms

Would you like to know more?

If you found this article interesting you might be interested in our Instructor-led Technical Training Courses - delivered both in-person and remotely. Please get in touch - we'd love to talk to you!

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