Learning & Development in 2020 and beyond

Learning & Development in 2020 and beyond

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What L&D means to us

As a certified B Corporation, our standards of inclusion and responsibility in all areas are second to none - and while everyone wants L&D to grow their business and stay relevant in technological development, it’s the human side to our learning that sticks with us for life. Sustainable, well-strategised L&D models aid companies in every aspect of their expansion and growth. L&D segues seamlessly into other vital parts of what makes your company amazing — from the important conversation around diversity and inclusion, to self-directed career progression.

It’s not just about box-ticking, but instead the name of the game has become to champion holistic approaches to learning. Motivating people to be the best they can be can only have a positive outcome! Face-to-face L&D training creates meaningful patterns and practices for all, with a lasting impact on an ever-humanising 2020s work environment.

Prepare for takeoff! L&D’s big steps in 2020

The world of Learning and Development is at a tipping point. With technological advancement at breakneck speed, and GenZ entering the world of work, the tides are turning fast. Linkedin’s 2019 Workplace Learning Report [1] revealed that 74% of talent developers are making changes to their Learning and Development strategy, in order to accommodate GenZ. That means most of us are playing catch-up. Big or small, every company must invest in L&D, or risk losing relevance. Scary, right? Well, only if you don’t want to play the game.

Left to fend for themselves and gain skills on their own, employees are likely to feel dejected and uninspired at work. Linkedin’s report, however, showed that 94% of employees said they would stay at a company longer if they invested in Learning and Development. That’s a pretty high number. Turns out L&D is kind of a big deal. Luckily, we’re going to guide you through getting it right.

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Human to Human: let’s get physical

Let’s face it, tech is used for everything these days. Well, almost everything. We believe that face-to-face training is the only way forward when it comes to effective learning. Towards Maturity's report, Preparing for the Future of Learning, states, ‘The role of tomorrow’s L&D professional will be as facilitator and creator of network connections, social mentor and curator of knowledge and learning resources.’ In other words, L&D is not just about tech skills. In 2020 it’s all about being a workplace chameleon — adaptable to any situation, and ready to collaborate. Achieving that level of creativity can’t be done from behind a computer screen.

A reliable, face-to-face L&D strategy can turn a brick wall of potential negativity into a building block. A better-informed workforce can steer their own ships, make great choices at work, and act in the best interests of your company’s goals. Despite the shortening shelf-life of technological skills, core soft skills like flexibility, team building and creativity are there for life. Bridging those skills gaps and giving employees the wherewithal, they need for today’s competitive business environment brings prosperity to all business models across the world.

Yes, training your team online is cheaper and less time consuming. But ask yourself: how are employees meant to work together successfully if their training is solely done behind a screen at a desk? It’s in your hands to lead by example and bring people into the room, diving headfirst into work the way it’s meant to be done: as a team.

Stress less, learn smarter

People want to maximise their brain’s ability to learn and adapt — so help them. That means encouraging staff to take care of themselves; self-care is L&D’s best aid. CIPD reports that recent research shows there is a connection between sleep, exercise and food, and our ability to learn and retain information [4]. An office full of well-rested, happy employees will create an environment that nurtures growth and meets people in the middle. Every company expects a lot from their talent — so it’s great to feel like the company is pulling their weight.

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3 key ways to stay ahead of the curve

1) Invest in staff retention, as well as talent acquisition

Acquiring talent is just one battle; keeping them with you is the real challenge. Show them you’re willing to invest, and you’ll be rewarded many times over. Remember, everyone learns differently! “Agile learning” is the buzzword of the moment, and there’s a reason why. Applying personal, approachable learning processes shows that a company sees its employees as individuals, not a block of workers whose goals and personalities fit into one pigeonhole.

2) Keep it collaborative

Linkedin’s Workplace Learning Report [5] affirms that Millennials now dominate today’s workforce and GenZ just walked in the front door. These professionals want more collaborative work environments and self-directed career paths. Learning together not only boosts teamwork, it’s the perfect way for everyone’s voice to be heard.

3) Be optimistic

It’s an opportunity, not a nightmare! These changes are a fantastic opportunity to extend your company’s talents and invest in lifelong work skills. Not just for GenZ and millennials, but for all ages and backgrounds, to grow in their capabilities, stretch creativity, and become better employees and employers alike.


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