Calling all Women in Tech...

We would love you to share your knowledge!

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Calling all Women in Tech! We would love you to share your knowledge!

Have you noticed the growing tide of support and buzz around equality in STEM disciplines? We think that's brilliant and we really hope the trend continues to gain momentum.

Sadly, there is a particularly noticeable imbalance in technical training - so we're actively looking to hear from women who are keen to share their technical / business knowledge and skills.

The ideal Framework Training instructor is someone who has:

  • a real passion for their domain of expertise - whether that's front-end development, data science, agile methods, app security, team-building
  • the ability to communicate complex concepts, theory and practices to audiences of varying technical experience (from beginner up to advanced)
  • experience of giving talks and demonstrations, mentoring and coaching teams, or delivering classroom-based training

If you don't have a great amount of teaching or coaching experience, we would still love to hear from you, as everyone has to start somewhere - you'll find a lot of encouragement and support from us.

As long as you have deep knowledge of your subject and you're a good communicator, that's what matters most!

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