Why On-site Training?

Tailored content

  • You can use our Scheduled Training Courses as a starting point for content, with scope for you to add and remove topics and even cover material and tutorials from other courses.
  • We can develop bespoke course materials and exercises to best fit the industry you’re working in and the types of application you’re developing and supporting.

Niche technologies

  • We can focus on highly specialised/brand new technologies that may not yet be in general demand.
  • If you’re looking for training in a brand-new / esoteric / legacy programming language or methodology – even if you don’t see a course listed here – please get in touch – if anyone can help you it’s us!

Cost savings

  • In-house training reduces travel costs - delegates do not need to travel to an external location.
  • On-site course fees may be cheaper if you have three or more delegates.
Working Board

It's more relevant

  • Discuss your project-specific issues with an expert instructor with solid implementation experience, someone who has been there, done that, and survived to code another day.
  • We can even look at incorporating hands-on exercises which can leave you with usable chunks of code to kickstart your project.


  • If you want to examine something from your own existing codebase, data sources or architecture during your course, discuss problems you’ve had with security, or perhaps build reporting solutions on samples of sensitive company data, these can be incorporated into labs and exercises in complete confidence.
  • We’re happy to sign an NDA to give you the freedom to discuss your own issues during a private course.

On-site Training

Framework Training delivers custom on-site training courses tailored to meet your technical, time and logistical needs. Call us now to find out more.

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