Tailored Training Programmes

Our Process

We've developed a robust, flexible framework to ensure your training programme will be as thorough and effective as possible.

Our process comprises:

  • Analysis - we'll scope your requirements, help you identify and understand your delegates' individual needs and skill gaps, and build a flexible syllabus to suit.
  • Design - one size *doesn't* fit all, and your business needs are central to our syllabus design process. We can prepare fresh course content as required.
  • Delivery - one (or more) of our expert instructors will take your audience through the carefully selected course material at a pace and depth that matches the needs of your delegates.
  • Reflection - your delegates' feedback is as vital to us as it is to you, to ensure we're delivering the best service possible. We'll give you a comprehensive, granular report with useful metrics.
  • Support - to ensure you gain the maximum value from your investment, we can continue to support the knowledge transfer process with short follow-up workshops to cement your team's learning in the real-world.

Combining theory and practice

Intensive instructor-led training is great when you need a quick skills boost, for instance on a single aspect of a technology - but for a more rounded and comprehensive learning experience, we recommend taking the time to absorb topics at a pace that allows for exploration.

Combining classroom study interspersed with self-paced project work, and short periods of remotely-delivered / on-the-job mentoring, ensures that the new skills and knowledge can be more quickly applied to day-to-day activities.

Our clients feel the value to their organisations of this blended approach has been considerable; enhanced productivity and individual growth enrich the team and offer a significant and immediate return on investment.

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Example Training Programmes

Data Scientist

Utilise the latest data platforms and algorithms to serve your organisation's information needs, with a logical progression through:

  • Data manipulation with Python
  • Statistical Analysis with R
  • Scala Fundamentals
  • Machine Learning
  • Apache Spark
  • Elasticsearch
  • AWS
  • Redshift
  • CosmosDB
  • Google BigQuery

Data Scientist Training Programme - More Details

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Full Stack Developer

A long-term programme resulting in a team of multi-disciplined software developers with a high-level of practical experience. Gain the in-house capability to employ the latest and best web technologies to produce high-performance, feature-rich, attractive web sites which your customers will love to use.

  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • JavaScript & ES6
  • Node.js
  • Angular / React / ASP.NET MVC
  • Microservices Development (Docker, Kubernetes, Azure ASF)
  • Back-end development (MongoDB, PostgreSQL, SQL Server)
  • PCI DSS / Secure Web App Development

Full Stack Developer Training Programme - More Details

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Agile Kickstart - Scrum/Kanban

Providing support for the transition to Agile working practices in both software and product development.
Inspiration and education underpin successful organisation change.

Example structure

  • Explaining the impact of Agile/Scrum to the wider organisation (including Management, Sales, HR). Presentation, discussion, Q&A.
    1 day
  • Deliver role-specific training to Scrum Masters, Product Owners and Development Team.
    2 days per role
  • Getting started - guide Scrum Team through beginning of first Sprint.
    1 day
  • Inspection - support and assist with Sprint Retrospective at end of Sprint.
    1 day
  • Health check and mentoring - periodic on-site or remote support to ensure correct path is followed.
    As required

Agile Kickstart Training Programme - More Details

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Business Value through Education

A Range of Industries

We can tailor your training programme to explore concepts and criteria specific to *your* business.

Graduate Intake Training

Ensure your next generation gets off to the right start with an exciting, on-brand, business-focused training programme.

A Variety of Programmes

Bespoke training programmes which explore only the most relevant technologies and techniques.

What people are saying

"The programme developed and delivered by Framework Training provided a good mix and allowed us to get a lot of training done over the course of six months, but without disruption to our clients."

Greg Hannah

CEO, JDX Fintech Solutions

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