C# Training Course - Learn .NET

Learn to develop commercial-quality .NET 8 software using C#11 & Visual Studio 2022

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C# Training Course - Learn .NET

"Many thanks. I got a lot a value from the sessions. Having one-to-one personalised training was definitely much better for me than being part of a larger group."

C# Training Course - Learn .NET
PG, Software Engineer
Millenium Capital Partners

C# Training Course - Learn .NET

"Richard was a great instructor, thanks so much for your efforts! I'm so much more confident with Visual Studio and C# coding."

C# Training Course - Learn .NET
SO, Software Engineer
UTC Aerospace

C# Training Course - Learn .NET

"Having a small class size meant plenty of opportunity to talk about my particular issues with .NET and C#. The instructor was able to explain everything extremely well. His efforts were much appreciated – I learned a huge amount during the course."

C# Training Course - Learn .NET
SP, Web Developer
Charity Commission

About the course:

Our instructor-led .NET Programming with C# Training Course is aimed at developers who are new to the .NET Framework, who need to get up to speed quickly with C# 11 language fundamentals and fundamentals of .NET 8. The hands-on labs reflect useful real-world scenarios and best practices through extensive hands-on exercises with Visual Studio 2022. 

This hands-on C# workshop focuses on building Command Line Interface (CLI) applications, so by the end of the course you will be able to create data-driven applications in C#.

You will gain the foundational C# and .NET skills needed as the solid basis to then proceed on into Windows (Winforms / WPF) GUI app development; web apps in ASP.NET Core; Azure Cloud Services and many other .NET disciplines.

This C# class is available for private delivery for your team - face-to-face at your location of choice, or remotely via MS Teams, Zoom or your own platform - get in touch to find out how we can deliver tailored .NET training which focuses on your project requirements and learning goals.

If you are interested in a similar syllabus but focussed on Visual Basic (VB.NET) - or if you are supporting older versions of .NET / Visual Studio, please let us know as we would be glad to help.

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7th Oct 2024 - £2295.00
20th Jan 2025 - £2295.00

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