Ansible Training Course

Automate cloud provisioning, configuration management, application deployment and service orchestration

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Ansible Training Course

Our instructor-led Ansible training course will give you hands-on experience building automation solutions to simplify and improve configuration management, application deployment and service orchestration among the servers / hosts in your care.

Ansible has been developed to make your applications and systems easier to deploy, without the need to hand-crank scripts or custom code to deploy and roll out application updates securely via SSH, and no agents needed on remote systems.

While often mentioned in the same breath, Ansible does not replace platforms such as Kubernetes - although it can be used to manage the servers which will be running Kubernetes, for instance.

We have a wealth of experience delivering custom on-site DevOps workshops and can take into account your full tech stack, use cases and business domain in order to deliver a cost-effective and highly relevant tailored learning solution - as a standalone workshop or as part of a wider training programme. We would love to find out more about your requirements.

"Excellent discussions [...] It was a pleasure to have a knowledgeable and friendly expert as instructor. The course exceeded my expectation and gave me lots to think about."

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