Web App Security and OWASP Training Course

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OWASP Training

Our Web App Security training course is aimed at developers who need to understand the key current vulnerabilities presenting a constant threat to web-facing applications.

Poor security can cause disastrous impact to your business - loss of your own critical / sensitive data, or a breach of confidential customer information can lead to an immediate and very public loss of trust.

As well as exploring vulnerabilities and threats through practical exercises, the workshop will give you an appreciation of the vital importance of security by design.

OWASP Training

Our secure development course course also takes a good hard look at the OWASP Top Ten most critical web application security risks (and usually covers key points from the latest release candidate too).

These vulnerabilities largely affect cross-platform web technologies, and as such our course can be suitable for anyone involved in web development. Our hands-on exercises and code demonstrations are delivered with examples of JavaScript, SQL and other common exploits.

If you have a specific set of learning goals or project requirements, we can tailor the course for on-site delivery and focus for instance on your tech stack (e.g. JavaScript, .NET, Java, PHP, Scala et al).

"The course had a good pace and the trainer was able to keep the content interesting."

Web App Security and OWASP Training Course
JP, Business Analyst

"Some really useful things to think on - real life examples really helped put the content in context."

Web App Security and OWASP Training Course
KC, Lead Software Developer
UK consultancy (risk, pensions, investment and insurance) - name withheld

"The charismatic trainer kept the audience's attention."

Web App Security and OWASP Training Course
JW, Business Analyst

"Trainer was great. Good examples to situations provided."

Web App Security and OWASP Training Course
NM, Testing Lead
UK GIS specialist - name withheld

"Stuart gave a great presentation and the training was highly thought-provoking. "

Web App Security and OWASP Training Course
RJ, Business Analyst

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