Statistical Analysis with R Training Course

Learn to wrangle data with R!

R is a programming language designed expressly to provide a statistical programming environment that includes extensive graphical capabilities. It has rapidly become the de facto standard for analysts across many disciplines.

On our introductory R training course you will learn the basics of the R language and how to carry out a range of commonly used analytical processes. You'll also learn how to produce quality graphics.

By the end of this course, you will have learnt:

  • The R programming language and syntax
  • Object oriented programming in R
  • How to carry out a range of analyses using R
  • How to use R for graphical summary
  • Custom solutions using R

Who should attend

Analysts, students and developers who want to explore the vast range of analytical and graphical capabilities of R.


No previous experience of programming is required although familiarity with another programming language would be helpful. Some experience of basic statistical analytical methods would also be useful but is not essential.

On site

We are very happy to put together an on-site R Training workshop based on your specific requirements, and can take into account your existing programming experience level and types of statistical analysis project to which you will be applying R.

Course syllabus

Introduction to R

Overview of the R environment
Getting help
Simple maths

Data in R

Loading and saving data
Types of R object
Making R data objects
Cross tabulation
Working with data objects

Statistical analyses using R

Describing data
Data distribution and sampling
Basic hypothesis testing
Advanced analyses – ANOVA and regression

Using R for graphical summary

Producing graphs using R
Customising graphs
Adding lines, points, symbols and text to graphs
Working with colour
Exporting graphs

Custom solutions using R

Custom functions
Writing and saving scripts
Object classes
Loops and conditional statements
Making the most of results
Developing custom R solutions

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